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The HID Retrofit Specialist

Introduction to Retrofitting

Retrofit 101: Have you ever wondered what HID  projector retrofitting is all about, and/or  why retrofitting is desired? Read this  section to become familiarized with the  basic components before you get  started on your first retrofit project.
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Retrofit 204: LEDs (light emitting diode) and CCFLs  (cold cathode fluorescent lighting) may  be introduced as strips or rings, and  come in many different colors.
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Fog-Light Retrofit

Retrofit 301: Though not as common as headlight  retrofitting, fog-light retrofits are still  sought after. Due to the smaller size,  Lexus fog-light projectors are often  used, and molded in place using  fiberglass.
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Lens Swap

Retrofit 203: All OEM (stock) projectors with the  exception of aftermarket projectors, i.e.  Mini H1/D2S and FXR, will benefit from  a clear lens swap. The end result is a  more defined and colorful cutoff line.
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Retrofit 202: Make your project unique with your own  color combinations, i.e., leaving  components such as reflectors and  shrouds chrome or painting them.
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Headlight Retrofit

Retrofit 201: An indepth analysis of the basic xenon  projector retrofit components, i.e.,  projectors, ballasts,  bulbs and shrouds.
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