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LEDs (light emitting diode) and CCFLs (cold cathode  fluorescent lighting) are commonly considered accessory  lighting and come in various shapes, i.e., strips, rings or bulbs. They commonly emit a single colors, i.e., white, red or blue,  but they can also come in alternating colors, i.e., white and  amber turn signal, or angel eyes that randomly display several  different colors. NOTE: Colors other than white or yellow are not legal. 
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Dual Swith-Back LEDs Dual switch-back LEDs are commonly used to replace dual  filament turn-signal/parking light bulbs, in which the bulb emits  white light while in parking light mode, and amber/orange once  the turn signal is activated.
Though, dual switch-back LEDs are commonly used to update  turnsignal/parking light bulbs, they can also be implemented with  daytime running light (DRL) and turn-signal setups.
Angel Eyes LEDs or CCFLs shaped as rings are commonly known as  angel eyes or halos.  This is arguable the most common use of LEDs / CCFLs. They are usually mounted on the inner part of  the shroud to achieve a full ‘circle,’ while they can also be  incorporated inside of a shroud. Ideally, angel eyes are powered by an independent switch;  however, they can be connected to a constant power source,  such as the DRLs, parking lights and lowbeams.