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The HID Retrofit Specialist

Introduction to retrofitting (Retrofit 101)

What is retrofitting? Projector retrofitting is when HID (high intensity discharge) projectors are equipped into headlights. The actual process is easier said  than done, but most headlights can be modified to incorporate HID projectors as long as there is enough space and the headlight lenses are clear. The most common practice is the opening of the headlight and cutting the reflector to create the space to mount the projector. This is often done with precision cutting and the use of bonding agents such as a two-part epoxy to securely mount the projector. Why retrofit? Retrofits are desirable for two reasons: Style and Performance. Style is a big factor for many people. With a clear lens swap to induce a sharp and colorful cutoff line and a complementary shroud, a  well-crafted retrofit can stand out from the crowd but still look like it came from the dealership. A projector retrofit will give any vehicle an  updated appearance, and with some paint and accessory lighting, i.e., LED angel eyes, you can certainly make the vehicle unique from  the rest.  Though aesthetics is important, most of our customers want a HID projector retrofit because of the increased visibility. HID bulbs are  roughly three times brighter than standard halogens, and when used in a projector that focuses the light onto the road, you get  increased night visibility. The components of a projector widens the beam pattern compared to a standard reflective headlight. In  addition, the ‘cutoff plate’ limits the intense light from going above the mid-point, and therefore does not blind oncoming traffic. What parts are used in a projector retrofit? For a headlight projector retrofit, the basic components are the projectors, bulbs and ballasts. Ballasts ignite the bulbs, and they light up the projector that spreads and focuses the loght onto the road without blinding oncoming traffic. Other components are wire harnesses  that simplify the installation of the ballasts, and shrouds which go around the projectors to make the headlights look more complete. All  of these components are mentioned in greater detail in the ‘Headlight Retrofit (Retrofit 201)’ section.
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