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The HID Retrofit Specialist
We only work on OEM fog-lights, no exceptions. Though, most of our fog-light retrofits are specific to Honda/Acura OEM  fog-lights (08V31-S5D-1M1XX), i.e., 2006+ Honda Civics, 2003 to 2007 Honda Accords, Honda Fit and Acura TSX, we  work on many other fog-light setups.   At this moment, we only retrofit Lexus ES300 and IS300 fog-lights. The performance is the same; however, the only  difference is a chrome lens holder. These projectors come with halogen bulbs from the factory, but can be upgraded with  HIDs. The recommended colors are either 4300K  (left) or 3000K (right) depedning on the desired color output. The ES300's (left), IS300's (middle) and JDM IS300's (right) are $100/pair, $130/pair, and $200/pair, respectively.
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