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The HID Retrofit Specialist


While there are many different  projectors, a select few are practical for  retrofitting. The performance among  these projectors are reflective of the  cost, light output and width ranging  between 3 to 7 car lanes.
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Most projectors used for retrofitting  utilize D2S bulbs. All bulbs are not made  the same, and the quality will influence  brightness, longevity and overall light  output performance.
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Ballasts are part of a complete retrofit  and their role is to keep the bulbs on.  This component that powers a crucial  part of your vehicles safety should not  just meet the minimum requirements,  but it should be the best of its kind.
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The purpose of a shroud is to covers the sides of the projector to establish a  "finished" look. The shroud selection are often dependent on the desired  appearance, and the headlight shape.
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Wire Harness

A plug and play wire harness leave the  electrical guess work out of the  equation, and ignites the ballast without  splicing, cutting or soldering. It is also  equipped with an in-line fuse system in  case of electrical problems.
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Clear Lens

All OEM (stock) projectors with the  exception of aftermarket projectors, i.e.  Mini H1/D2S and FXR, will benefit from  a clear lens swap. The end result is a  more defined and colorful cutoff line.
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What parts are used in a projector retrofit? For a headlight projector retrofit, the basic components are the projectors, bulbs and ballasts. Ballasts ignite the bulbs, and they light up the projector that spreads and focuses the loght onto the road without blinding oncoming traffic. Other components are wire harnesses that simplify the installation of the ballasts, and shrouds which go around the projectors to make the headlights look more complete. All of these components are mentioned in greater detail in the ‘Headlight Retrofit (Retrofit 201)’ section.