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The HID Retrofit Specialist

Type K

A very popular shroud that is unique to  Custom Lightz. Praised for its "factory  look," Type K shrouds work well with  most headlights; small and large, and  most shapes; rectangular and circular.  Unlike the other shrouds, Type K is a  good option for two-tone paint jobs.
Shrouds Whether your projector is a RX330 or S2000, they all look alike on a retrofitted headlight, but what separates your retrofit from the rest is the shroud. The shrouds cover the sides of the projector, and give the retrofit the "finished" look. There are many shrouds available from OEM to custom, with the options of combining shrouds together, adding chrome trim pieces, painting, shroud extension and/or LEDs. The options to make the retrofit one of a kind are virtually endless. The average cost of a pair of shrouds is around $60.
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An aftermarket shroud that is awesome  for those wanting angel eyes integrated  into their shrouds. This shroud is large  and may not be ideal for smaller  headlights. The Gatling shroud is an  excellent option for those wanting an  aftermarket appearance.
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The E46 shroud is favored among those  wanting a chrome and/or factory setup.  Due to the 2-dimensional (flat) nature,  it’s restricted to headlights with limited  space between the reflector and  projector since the shroud isn’t big  enough to entirely cover the projector.
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The E55 shroud is a chrome shroud that is stylistically very clean and simple.  Similar to the E46, it’s a flat 2-D shroud  that limits it’s application since it’s not  able to cover the sides of the projector.
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Another OEM shroud by Honda/Acura  that is very popular. With a chrome  "inner-ring," and a gun metal body that  can be painted. This shroud commonly  requires a shroud extension to cover the sides of a projector.
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