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The HID Retrofit Specialist

Mini H1

The most affordable options, and  sometimes the only option when space  is a luxury. Theses projectors are the  most compact and light up about 3 lanes width-wise. A great option when budget  and/or space is limited.

Mini D2S

A 3” bixenon projector. Comes with a  clear lens like the Mini H1 and FXR,  which allows for a crisp and colorful  cutoff line.


Considered the best bixenon projector  for the price. Fits in most applications.  Very similar light output to the RX330.  Comes in 2.5” and 3” lenses, though the  former is recommended because of  increased shroud options.


Arguably the best bang-for-the-buck.  Distinctly different from the non-AFS  RX330. Lights up about 5 lanes width-  wise. Once clear lens swapped, it is  generally more colorful than the S2000.


The best single xenon projector. Comes  in two options (AP1 and AP2), where the  former is more desirable and therefore  more expensive. Lights up about 7 lanes width-wise and comparable to 2 or 3  mini H1 projectors. 
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HID Projectors Projectors are the primary component of the retrofit, and there are many HID projectors available. Some are more ideal than others because of price, size and whether it is a single or bixenon projector. Furthermore, there are differences in foreground, brightness, width and color flickering between these projectors, which contribute to the desirability and thus the cost. While there are many different projectors, a select few are practical for retrofitting. We have narrowed down the search for the ideal projector to 5 different types that applies to roughly 98% of our customers, and will be listed in order from good to best performance. Mini H1 < Mini D2S < FXR < Afs-RX330 < S2000. If you are unsure of what projector is the best option for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us.