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Yes, it is possible to make the  sharpesset projector even sharper and  more colorful with a clear lens swap. 
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This projector is rather dull when left  alone; however, with a lens swap it is  arguably the most colorful projector of  them all. 
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This lens swap is applicable for most  Infiniti FX series projectors and the  Nissan Muranos. 
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This lens swap is for the Acura TL  bixenon projector.
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The E55 projector is found in many  different makes and models. More  commonly in Mercedes, BMW and  Nissan Maxima. 
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Clear Lens OEM/factory projectors often come with "fresnel" or "frosted" lenses. Since no two projectors are exactly the same, these fresnel lenses  are designed to ensure uniform color and output. The downside is the appearance of a "frosty" lens, and a blurry cutoff line. Though a  clear lens swap will not improve the overall light output i.e., width and foreground, it will sharpen the cutoff line and enhance the color. A clear lens swap can greatly improve the retrofit and set it apart from the others; however, achieving a stunning cutoff is a fine  balancing act. With most projectors, a lens swap will improve the cutoff line; however, additional modifications such as bending or  angling of the cutoff shield, or the correct spacing of the lens is required. Modifications to enhance cutoff can be, and often are,  overdone. This can cause a number of problems including uneven light output, oversized cutoffs, and distort the light output to the point  where valuable light is wasted or; even worse, distracts oncoming traffic.