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Clear Lens Swap: E55

By replacing the fresnel lens with our clear lens, you will eliminate the blurry and yellow line with a crisp blue cutoff.

Now, it is time to remove the old Fresnel lens, and you do so by loosening the lens holder "ring", which is held in place by a number of tabs (Red Circles in Picture 20 - 25). Once the tabs are folded outwards using a flat head screwdriver, simply push on the lens to loosen the ring. After the lens holder has been removed, the lens comes out through the side of the projector by angling the lens.

Simply reverse the lens removal process to install the E55 clear lens. By replacing the Fresnel lens with our E55 clear lens, the cutoff becomes sharper, and some customers are actually satisfied by the sharpening of the cutoff that they seal the headlights back up at this point. Below: The top row is the OEM E55 projector with the Fresnel lens, and the bottom row is the OEM E55 projector with the E55 clear lens.

Videos of "OEM E55 with Fresnel lens" and "OEM E55 with E55 clear lens".

The videos are designed to demonstrate the sharpness of the cutoff, which effects the on-set and off-set of the color, i.e. more sudden or more progressed color flicker.

Next, we will add some color to the cutoff. You will simply achieve this by bending the cutoff shield every so slightly. The more you bend the more color you will acquire. However, bend it too much, and the cutoff becomes blurry. If that happens simply bend the cutoff forward. Below: The top row shows a modified E55 projector with a clear E55 lens, but it has been overly modified. On the other hand, the bottom row display pictures of a correctly modified projector.

Video of "Modified E55 with clear lens"