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Clear Lens RX330

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Clear Lens Swap: RX330

The RX330 arguably benefits more from the clear lens swap than any other projector. In fact it can take its relatively colorless and blurry cutoff and transform it into a sharp cutoff with jaw dropping blues and violets that are both deep and intense. Please take a moment to compare "OEM RX330" with "Clear Lens RX330" (on the right side).

RX330 lens swap consists of two main processes:
1. Swapping the lens
2. Modifying the cutoff shield

Swapping the lens

Please handle the lens with care. Using latex gloves and wiping the lenses with rubbing alcohol and fiber-cloth is encouraged.

Begin by removing the two screws on the front of the projector's housing and removing the lens holder. Next, the stock lens is carefully replaced with the clear lens. Once the clear lens is in place, put the "lens spacer ring," which comes included with the purchase of our lenses, onto the lens so that it rests evenly around its circumference. The lens spacer ring achieves two tasks. First, it ensures your lens is seated properly and thus the crucial spacing between the cutoff shield and the lens is accurate. Secondly, it provides a secure and snug fit to protect the lens from vibration and movement. Lastly, place the lens holder back over the lens and screw it down evenly.

Modifying the cutoff shield

The second part of the "lens swap" is to adjust the cutoff shield. The RX330 cutoff shield is unique in that it has a "slit" in the middle of the shield that allows for minimal light to escape above the cutoff. Intended to light up highway signs, this "slit" may be left intact, reduced or eliminated depending on personal preference.

Remove the two screws on the backside of the projector assembly. Carefully separate the two halves of the projector and set the rear half aside. Inside the front half of the projector you will find the cutoff shield with the "slit". Using a soft medium such as cotton gauze, gently press down on the center of the tab. Pressing downward from the stock factory position will adjust the way the light is refracted across the cutoff shield and thus it will affect the color of the cutoff. Be careful, as a little movement can go a long way. Remember, you can overdo it! With proper adjustment you will maximize the spectacular color and sharpness without infringing on your light quality!

The following three pictures demonstrate a(n) intact, reduced or eliminated "slit," respectively.

The end result should look something like this.