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Custom Lightz

S2000 Projectors

The Honda S2000 projectors are considered to be one of the best single xenon projectors available because of its light output, i.e. width, foreground and intensity. This projector is after sought by many, but difficult to come by, and thus they are one of the most costly projectors. However, the light enthusiast usually agrees that the S2000 is worth every penny.

Cost: $380/pair | FREE SHIPPING |

Pros: Awesome light output, very wide beam pattern, sharp cutoff
Cons: Pricey and difficult to find a flawless set


The S2000 projectors are known for their width and brightness. Although, relatively colorful, the S2000 can display more blue and purple through color mod stage 1 and 2 (CMS1 and CMS2), and still remain sharp, bright and wide.

CMS1 is commonly known as a washer mod. By spacing the cutoff shield, more blue/purple is displayed at the cutoff. Commonly overdone, CMS1 is in many aspects a trade off between sharpenss and width for additional color. CMS2 was designed to eliminate "shading" and "sloped" cutoffs, and is many times found to enhance the color of CMS1.

Color Mod Stage 1 (CMS1): $30
Color Mod Stage 2 (CMS2): $30
CMS1 + CMS2: $50 ($10 discount)

Results may vary. The same projector, bulb and ballast were used for both CMS1 and CMS2.


To achieve the same results as UPGRADE OPTION #1, but with a sharper and more defined cutoff, one needs to swap out the original lens with our custom clear lens.