Custom Lightz has built a reputation for  attentiveness to their customers, high  quality products, and the ability to  assist in engineering unique automotive  lighting systems to satisfy a wide range  of budgets, styles, and applications.   We are proud of our history of customer  satisfaction, which has driven our  business by word-of-mouth since its  inception in 2005.   Whether you are looking to acquire  reliable parts for your own project, or  get advice on creating the perfect  custom-made retrofit tailored to your  vehicle, Custom Lightz has the integrity  and experience to satisfy our clients.  
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The HID Retrofit Specialist

Christmas & New Year Sale

AFS-RX330 and Mini H1 projectors sold  at cheap prices.
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S600 - Quad Setup

Quad S2000 and MH1 projector retrofit  with Type K Shrouds, 4 white LED rings,  and 4 amber LED turn signals.
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Mugen - Quad Setup

Quad 8th generation Honda Civic sedan  with Type K shrouds and white LED  angel eyes.
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